Trump bombing Syria

I popped by Conservative Treehouse to see how bad it was, and the comments didn’t disappoint.

The new tact at CTH is to label anyone with a criticism a “troll”.┬áCTH is an echo chamber now where you’re not allowed to be critical of Trump at all. This is bad for Trump, and this is bad for his supporters. Obama also had a cult-like following, and we know how that story ended. Any movement must have some amount of healthy skepticism and self-reflection, or it becomes self-congratulatory navel -gazing. Trumpism will eat itself if Trump’s supporters don’t keep the heat on him to follow his promises.

Sadly many of the pro-Trump people at CTH who cannot understand any criticism don’t realize their ideological allies today are Bill Kristol, John McCain and Marco Rubio.

You’d think that would give some of them pause.